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Tutti Frutti Kit - Sparkling Princesses

Tutti Frutti Kit - Sparkling Princesses

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Made in Canada, Tutti Frutti™ reinvents traditional modeling dough by offering your children not only a colourful visual and tactile experience, but one that talks to their nose with exciting fruity scents.

Unlike other modeling dough, Tutti Frutti is rehydratable, non-sticky, non-flaky and made with non-toxic ingredients. With its mixable colours, its malleable texture and its different scents, the Tutti Frutti modeling dough is fun and stimulating!

It's a Princess party! Six beautiful princess skirts wrap around the head and tops parts of the princess molds. Make your princess come alive  by adorning her with dazzling jewels and details made from the sparking scented dough.

Kit includes four 100g/3.5 oz tubs of sparkling and scented white pear, pink bubblegum, purple grape and turquoise sweet mint modelling dough, 6 plastic princess forms, 6 plastic skirts, 1 dough extruder, 1 roller, 1 modelling tool, 1 pair of plastic scissors, 1 bundle of decorative diamonds.

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