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Sherry McMillan

My S's are Messes

My S's are Messes

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It's not fair!

The sounds are misbehaving and the children have to work extra hard to get them to do what they're supposed to do. L's run away and turn into W's; the Shhhh sound pops up all over and won't stay where it should; some sounds get stuck in odd places, and others play hide and seek.

Based on the lived experience of the author, who has speech sound disorders, this heartfelt story emphasizes patience and understanding. Full of tongue twisters, empathy, and fun, this uplifting book takes a fresh approach to living with speech differences.

The message is clear - you are not alone, we see how hard you're working, and there's no mistaking how we feel when we speak heart to heart.

Author Bio

A funny thing happened after Sherry McMillan published her acclaimed book What The Seal Saw. Speech Language Pathologists started reaching out to tell her that they were using her book in their practices.

In connecting with her readers, she found that many of them, like her, had speech sound disorders. She was encouraged to write a book specifically for children with speech differences, and those who love and support them.

So she did!

My S's Are Messes is the book she wishes she'd had when she was a child.

Sherry McMillan is an author, speaker, technologist, and an avid kayaker.

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