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Ambler Kid's Rainbow Toque - Natural

Ambler Kid's Rainbow Toque - Natural

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  • Made with 100% wool.
  • Fleece headband lining for added comfort & warmth.
  • Handmade in Nepal.

Kid's Sizing: 
Small is for ages 1-3 
Large is for ages 4-6
When in doubt go for Large, they can always grow into it!


Ambler kid’s toques are hand knit with 100% wool to keep your little one warm and dry even in the middle of the biggest snowball fights. We use wool because it is a natural and renewable material that is easy on the environment. We have kids ourselves and know that there can sometimes be complaining if there is any ‘itchy’ wool feeling on a hat. We line all of our kid’s toques with a soft fleece headband lining to make sure they’re always warm and comfortable without any of the itch.

Our cute kid’s toques are hand-knit by fair trade knitters in Nepal. Every detail from the embroidery to the felt applique on our kid’s toques is made by hand. We work with fair trade knitters because it is important to us to make sure that every knitter has a clean, safe working environment and is paid a fair wage. Many of the knitters are mothers who are working from home while still raising their children. This type of work allows them to have a flexible schedule and still be there for their children.

Like every Ambler product, our kid’s toques have a lifetime guarantee

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