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Craft-tastic - Bug Hotel

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Open up your very own 5-star bug hotel!

The wood pieces slide together easily - no tools required - and it can be decorated any way you want with the 55 vibrant stickers.

Add a few natural elements into the mix and then set it outside. Before long, your hotel will be bustling with all kinds of unique and fascinating insects.

Check out the included guide to identify them and see who's who!

Entomology becomes more fun and fascinating through the joy of creativity with the Craft-Tastic Make A Bug Hotel kit.

Craft-Tastic Make A Bug Hotel

  • Kit for building a unique bug habitat to keep in your garden
  • Encourages creativity, spatial reasoning, an interest in entomology and nature
  • Easy to assemble - no tools required
  • Decorate with 55 stickers and natural elements from around your yard
  • Use the guide to identify bugs
  • Includes 25-piece wooden hotel, 6 wood sticks, 1 yard cotton thread, 55 stickers
  • Detailed instructions and guide included
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional learning experience