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Wonder Forge

Wonder Forge - Eric Carle Surprise Slide Game

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Mix and flip the food to change the path!

Flip some cake and eat it too with the very Hungry Caterpillar™! One sunny Sunday, the little caterpillar hatched out of a tiny egg. He was very hungry. Just like the very hungry caterpillar, eat your way through fruit and snacks alike, before you can build your cocoon and become a butterfly. But, be careful what you eat, a stomachache will set you back! You’ll never know when the food will mix and flip, filling your week with surprises! It’s a different game board every time you play!


1 Game Board, 4 Double-Sided Slide Tiles, 1 Finish Tile, 4 Movers, 4 Mover Bases, 1 Spinner, Instructions
2-4 players